How long is the program?

The E.B.B.P. is 26 weeks long. Approximately 6 months from beginning to end.

How often do we meet?

Classes tend to meet twice a week and are one hour each. Contact your instructor for more details about scheduling.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?

We highly recommend for your health, safety and the safety of your training partners, please consult a physician before beginning any fitness or self-defense program. The program does require getting up and down from the floor, kicking and punching. We recommend that you be able to safely lift 20 lbs. and be able to safely squat and stand while holding 15 lbs.

What should I wear during training?

During your training we recommend wearing the official E.B.B.P. blue martial arts uniform. They are rugged and durable. Women should wear a workout top or t-shirt underneath their martial arts uniform to prevent accidental exposure. If you do not have a uniform when you begin the program then warm-ups are acceptable. Please contact your insturctor for more details.

What type of training equipment do I need for the program?

The E.B.B.P. official training gear includes: 1 official blue martial arts uniform, 1 mesh bag, 1 pair of boxing gloves, 1 pair of hand wraps, 1 training knife (not sharp), and 1 training pistol (nonfiring).

What if I miss class?

Our instructors will help you catch up in the next class or schedule a make up session.

What if I have a few friends interested in the program?

Our program are based on referrals. Instructors may offer you a referral discount. You may keep the discount or share it with your friends.

What is a class?

A group of students who start and graduate together in the same training cycle.

What are CB-1, CB-2, CB-3?

There are three levels of black belt training. “C” is for certified and “B” is for Black Belt. 1,2 0r 3 refers to the level

  • CB-1 term means Certified Black Belt Level 1.
  • CB-2 term means Certified Black Belt Level 2.
  • CB-3 term means Certified Black Belt Level 3.

How do I start?

Contact your instructor for information with regards to starting times and dates.

How can I find a certified instructor?

You can visit our certified instructor list by clicking HERE.

What do I receive when I graduate?

Black belt rank certificate and an embroidered black belt with EXECUTIVE BLACK BELT embroidered on one side and your name embroidered on the other.

How do I pay for the course?

Contact your instructor for information with regards to course fees and payment.